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Trybe keeps the family connected
by being a central hub for up to
date live information. Join us now and get the first few months on us!

The Ultimate Parenting Assistant

Manage Your Family with Ease

With Trybe, managing your family has never been easier. Keep everyone on the same page by sharing profiles, special dates, and even late-night voice notes.

Stay on Track with Trybe Nudges

Never miss a beat with Trybe’s helpful nudges. Our app sends reminders /  calendar invites and provides daily rundowns to keep your whole crew in the loop.

Book an assistant.

Need a little extra help around the house? Trybe’s booking system makes it easy to book house assistants for tasks like household chores, running errands, or even helping with homework. Take the stress out of your day-to-day life and simplify your schedule with Trybe.

Get the good vibe with trybe

Create child profiles with all you need to know about your growing family.
Share your virtual wallet to track spending on your trybe.
Book house hold assistants as well as AI help to give an all round amazing support that busy families need.

Join Trybe

While the world goes crazy over AI and the new found assistance that we get from amazing AI. trybe has not forgot that an AI model won’t wash the dishes and won’t take your returns back to the post office! That’s what sets 

trybe above the rest.

About us

For the past 24 months we have been cultivating a cutting edge

piece of tech that will change your life. An App that is not just an app. 

An app that is the oracle for your trybes needs

Think Google calendar with wings. A unique spin and assistants that actually 

work for you.

We are still in early stages and with help of our beta users we are testing 

again and again to create a sophisticated product that mums and dads 

all over the world will not be able to live with out.