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Exclusive Perks for Trybe's Founding Members

Hey there, Trybe’s trailblazing parents and families! We know you’re a breed apart, and that’s why we’ve reserved something extraordinary for our first 100 users. Welcome to Trybe’s Founding Members Club – where you get to experience parenting with a touch of flair, and a dash of practicality.

No-Fuss, Top-Notch Recommendations

Wave goodbye to the endless search for the best tutors, camps, specialists, and experiences. Trybe's Founding Members Club is your shortcut to handpicked, top-notch recommendations delivered right to your doorstep.

Access to Unique Experiences and Renowned Experts

As a Trybe founding member, you'll gain access to personally tailored experiences and insights from London's acclaimed experts. We're bringing the extraordinary to your family life.



The finest tutors, teachers, and courses, specializing in a wide range of subjects to give your child a leg up in school and beyond.

Financial Education
Financial Education for Parents and Children. Access to courses, talks and seminars.

Recommendations that go beyond the classroom, sparking deeper curiosity and insight.


 Guidance from child nutritionists, mindfulness experts, and child psychologists to keep your family’s well-being in top shape.


From education consultants to speech therapists, we’ve got you covered for all your family’s needs.

Music and Dance

Explore the world of music, dance, and the arts with the maestros themselves.

Annual Events

Join us today as one of Trybe’s founding members and discover a world of exclusive perks that keep your family life exciting, educational, and a touch sassy. Ready to embrace the extraordinary with us? Sign up for Trybe now and secure your spot as a founding member.

Frequently Asked Questions Membership

We offer exclusive perks to Trybe’s first 100 users, ensuring you receive top-notch recommendations and access to exceptional experiences.

Our Founding Members Club is reserved for the first 100 users who sign up for Trybe, guaranteeing them exclusive access to extraordinary perks.

The cost of experiences and services is not included in your Trybe membership.

All recommendations and experiences will be made directly through Trybe, with booking links provided to the respective third-party service providers in your member communications

Flexibility for Busy Families

Our experts and specialists understand the demands on today’s families. They strive to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your schedules and preferences.

In-Home Experts

Most of our experts and specialists can customise their services to come to your home, ensuring maximum convenience for your family. Feel free to contact us by email to discuss your options.

Ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with Trybe? Join us today and secure your spot as a founding member.